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Delayed School Opening Tomorrow (Tuesday)

Please note that this message applies to our critical worker parents and parents of other children attending school during the national lockdown.


As you know, school was closed today for all children due to the freezing conditions and snow. In order to support critical workers, we are planning to reopen tomorrow but are aware that there are likely to be further frosty conditions tonight (although hopefully no new snow). In order to make things a little safer, we plan to open a little later than usual at 10am. This should allow some thawing of the overnight frost, although we would still urge you to take great care travelling to school, particularly if you need to drive. If at all possible, please walk your children to school – all children are asked to come dressed for frosty conditions wearing suitable footwear (preferably wellies).


If you decide to keep your children at home tomorrow (e.g. because you will not be travelling to work due to conditions), please just let us know so that the absence can be correctly recorded.


Thank you for your understanding and support as we try to keep everyone as safe as possible.


Best wishes


Mark Street