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Parking Outside School

Unfortunately, we have experienced some issues with parking outside school recently.


There have been a number of incidents, and today a parent's vehicle has been hit by another car due to the high number of cars parked outside school. This morning there were cars parked completely on the pavement outside the homes opposite the main entrance.


Please can we remind you that for those who need to drive to school because of distance, we have arrangements with both Hickories and the Remembrance Club so that you are able to use their car parks and walk the remaining short distance with your children. This not only helps avoid traffic dangers and congestion but is also a very healthy way to help set your child up for the day ahead.


As you know, it is illegal to park on the yellow zig-zags outside school - this is for safety reasons so that children are able to see and be seen crossing the road. We also ask that you avoid parking in the area between the zig-zags - this is allocated as the 'drop-off zone'  so should only be used to drop off your child at the school gates. If you need to park for longer (e.g. for early years parents or if you have a message to share), please park at the Remembrance Club or Hickories and walk the last part of your journey.


Also, please do not park on the yellow lines around Southfield Avenue during peak times, as you may be fined by the parking warden for parking illegally.


We want to be good neighbours, so please ensure that wherever you stop, you are not blocking any driveways or cul-de-sacs when leaving your vehicle.


To remind you again that there is a one-way system in place during mornings and afternoons to help to keep the traffic flowing; thank you for adhering to this.


I cannot stress enough how important it is for the safety of our children that cars are not parked on or driven along the pavement. At times, this has resulted in people with buggies or wheelchairs having to walk in the road, which is clearly not safe.


Thank you to the vast majority of parents for your help in making our school environment safe for everyone.