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Assessment at St Mary & St Margaret's

We continue to review and update our assessment procedures to ensure they are as effective as possible.

Throughout Key Stages 1 and 2, we are using and developing a range of systems to assess the revised National Curriculum – these are underpinned by the following principles:
We believe that assessment is at the heart of teaching and learning and should provide pupils with
  1. opportunities to review their progress,
  2. ambitious targets so that they can at least meet expected standards
  3. feedback that inspires and motivates them to achieve.
We will ensure that our methods are consistent and appropriate to the task and to the age of the child so that the outcomes are meaningful and understandable, enabling
  • pupils to take ownership and develop their learning
  • parents to effectively support their child’s learning and understand how and where their child is making progress
  • teachers and teaching assistants to plan meaningful teaching and learning activities that enable children to make progress because their next steps are catered for
  • school leaders and governors to plan and allocate resources for continuous improvement
  • our results to be compared to other schools, both locally and nationally.