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We aim to provide an engaging History curriculum that stimulates children's curiosity and helps them learn about the past and the way it has shaped the world we live in. 


The curriculum is taught with creativity and lessons will be varied to enable all children to shine in this subject.  Artefacts, books, videos, photographs and the internet will all be used to bring this fascinating subject to life.  Children will explore exciting periods, encounter key events and are introduced to famous and important people that will inspire their own thinking.



Our History curriculum is based a number of key historical concepts:

Core Concepts (focus in all units)

  • Legacy
  • Source
  • Evidence
  • Chronology


Other Key Concepts  (focus in specific units when most relevant)

  • Invasion
  • Monarchy
  • Tyranny
  • Rebellion
  • Oppression
  • Government
  • Civilisation
  • Society
  • Culture
  • Empire