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Email contact with teachers

One of the ways in which you are able to contact class teachers is via email (see below). Teachers check their emails daily (on work days), and will aim to respond within three working days. Please be aware that if you need to give a more urgent message this may be best provided through a note, a personal message or a call to the office.


If you need to let us know your child will be absent or has a medical appointment, please give this message to the office (preferably before school starts) rather than the class teacher as it is the office who will chase up any unexplained absences. We may ask for evidence of medical appointments i.e. sight of a letter or text.


Teaching Staff :-

Mr M Street - Headteacher 

Mrs S Miles ( - Year 6 & KS2 Phase Leader

Mr L Cockburn ( -  Year 5 & Deputy Headteacher

Mr D Robinson ( - Year 4

Mrs T Broome-Phillips ( -  Year 3

Mrs D Grosvenor ( - Year 3

Miss D Burkett ( Year 2

Miss E Wisniewski ( Year 1

Mrs A Clarke ( - Reception

Mrs H Rollins ( - Reception

Mrs R Crawley ( - Nursery / Early Years & KS1 Leader / SENCO

Mrs S Stratford ( - Reception



Teaching Support Staff :-

Mrs Pegg
Mrs Hughes
Mrs B Gimson 
Mrs V Pinnell 
Mrs K Byrne 
Mrs Smerdon 
Mrs Barker 
Mrs Macdonald
Mrs Jones
Mrs Richardson
Mrs Wingate

Miss Pallett

Mrs Biddell

Non-teaching staff :-

Mrs M Poole  - Office Manager/ Bursar/Clerk to Governors ( )
Mrs S Martin  -  Administrative Officer

Miss D Lorton  -  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs V Reddington  -  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Messenger  -  Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Riley - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs F Terry - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs L Munro - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs D Savage - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs M Meehan -School Cook
Mrs C Pyzer-Kitchen Assistant

Miss L Pallett - Kitchen Assistant

Mr R Taylor  -  Site Manager
Miss E Carter - Cleaner

Mrs L Munro -  Cleaner
Mrs J Carter  -  Cleaner

Afternoon Nursery :-
Mrs B Gimson 
Miss S Pallett