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Year 4 have been loving reading about the adventures of Varjak Paw and have written some poems about Varjak's battle with Razor. Christopher is turning out to be a very talented poet, so we thought we should share his fantastic poem with you all - great use of rhyme, rhythm and similes. Well done, Christopher!


Varjak versus Razor

Like a bullet breaking the sound barrier,

Varjak leapt through the air!

This just made Razor angrier,

And he growled like a lion in despair!


His scars shining white,

Razor struck like a master.

Varjak dived to the side,

Like a goalkeeper, but faster!


Spinning like a top,

Varjak heaved with all his might!

He gave Razor a bop,

Like a boxer in a fight!


Razor attacked again,

Like a bullet from a gun.

He towered as high as Big Ben,

This fight is not much fun!


Like a bolt from a crossbow,

Varjak pummelled Razor’s face!

Razor ducked down really low,

Out of breath, like a runner in a race.


By Christopher, age 9, 24.10.18.