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Purpose of the Curriculum:

(What will a high quality Geography education do for our children?)


  • Inspire inquisitive minds to find out about the world and its people
  • Equip pupils with a knowledge about diverse places and people
  • Ensure that pupils are aware of our location within the wider world
  • Develop an awareness of locations and features of places within the world
  • Promote a range of skills to enable pupils to ‘think and work like geographers’


Aim of the Curriculum:

By the end of their time at St Mary & St Margaret’s CE Primary, all pupils should be able to:



  • To have a clear understanding of location
  • To locate Birmingham, the UK and its countries
  • To locate countries of Europe, North and South America
  • To locate continents, oceans and seas of the world
  • To have an in depth knowledge of places
  • To identify similarities and differences between the UK, countries in Europe and North and South America
  • To develop a complete understanding of countries (culture, flags, language, etc)
  • To know the features of physical and human geography
  • To understand weather patterns and climates
  • To know the parts of the water cycle
  • To identify physical features of the world
  • To know the human features of countries studied



  • To use and apply the skills of a geographer
  • To accurately use a map, globe or atlas
  • To use a compass and know 8 compass points
  • To read and plot co-ordinates and grid references
  • To use a range of accurate geographical vocabulary
  • To plot and follow directions
  • To sketch, plot maps and graphs to support fieldwork