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Meet the Governors

The school has a very effective and supportive Governing Body made up from parents, teachers and representatives from the community and local authority.  The Governors are the immediate lay support for the professional staff of the school. 

The Diocese of Birmingham and the PCC appoint the Foundation Governors who represent the Founding Trust of the school.  They have a special role to play in serving both school and Church.

Each member of the Governing Body serves for four years and shares with the Headteacher the responsibility for the running of the school.  They and their committees meet regularly each term to make decisions which affect the general policy of the school, the appointment of staff and the management of finances.  All governors may be contacted via the school office.


In addition to the Full Governing Body who meet once per term there are eight sub-committees as follows:


Pay Committee - meet once per term - Chaired by Mrs D Ward

Finance, Personnel & General Purpose Committee - meet once per term - Chaired by Mrs D Ward

Curriculum & Scrutiny Committee - meet once per term - Chaired by Mrs E Jeffs

Admissions Committee - meet at least twice per year - Chaired Mrs E Jeffs


Pupil Discipline, Staff Dismissal, Staff Dismissal Appeal & Pay Appeal Committees meet as and when required.

Governing Body - as at January 2018

Mr D Jorden (Chair)  -  Foundation Governor - nominated governor for Health & Safety and Child Protection
Rev. Mark Hopkins - Ex Officio
Mr M Street  -  Headteacher

Mr P Abbott - Foundation Governor
Mrs E Jeffs  -  Foundation Governor - nominated governor for SEN/Inclusion & Early Years Foundation Stage
Miss V Jorden  -  Foundation Governor - nominated governor for Looked After Children/Pupil Premium
Mrs D Ward  -  Foundation Governor

Mrs S McLeod  - Foundation Governor
Mr P Lloyd  -  Parent Governor

Mrs L O'Reilly  - Parent Governor
Miss H Tracey  -  Staff Governor
Mr P Carrick -  Local Authority Governor

Mrs M Poole  -  Clerk to the Governors


One governor has declared Pecuniary Interests:

Mrs D Ward is also a governor at another school.


Governors Attendance

The following apologies were received for meetings in 2016/17:

FP&GP (09.06.2016) - Mr Lloyd

C&S (09.06.2016) - Mr Lloyd, Mrs O'Reilly & Mrs Lawrence

Full Governors (07.07.2016) - Mrs Jeffs & Mrs Sennett
Full Governors (29.09.2016) - All Attended

FP&GP (13.09.2016) - Mrs McLeod

C&S (13.09.2016) - All Attended

Full Governors (08.12.2016) - Mr Abbott & Mr Lloyd
FP&GP (02.02.2017) - Mr Lloyd, Mrs O'Reilly & Mrs McLeod
C&S (02.02.2017) - Mr Lloyd, Mrs O'Reilly & Mrs McLeod
Full Governors (23.03.2017) - Mrs McLeod, Mrs Jeffs & Mrs O'Reilly