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All Good for Ofsted

Following our Ofsted Inspection on 4th & 5th June, we are pleased to confirm that the school continues to retain its ‘Good’ status. Please take the time to read through the report available here – we have included a few highlights below:

  • “a school where pupils feel safe and cared for”
  • “Classrooms are calm places where pupils are able to learn without disruption”
  • “Attitudes to learning are positive”
  • “Pupils use the school’s values to guide them to make the right choices and to act wisely”
  • “Pupils enjoy the wider opportunities offered to them”
  • “Pupils develop a love of reading”
  • “This is an inclusive school, where pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities are well supported and celebrated”
  • “Opportunities for pupils to develop talents and interests are plenty”
  • “Celebrating difference and diversity is something that pupils are proud of and which they know helps their school to be a nice place to learn”