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Our latest inspection report - 'A beacon of light' & 'A haven of kindness'

Following our inspection on 18th June, we are delighted to share the final report. The report speaks very favourably of our wonderful children, dedicated staff and our whole school community. Please take the time to read through. We have selected some highlights below.


About our school community:

  • "St Mary and St Margaret’s is a beacon of light in their community. It is a haven of kindness striving to serve through God’s love, so that all can be the best that they can be."
  • "St Mary and St Margaret’s deeply embedded Christian vision of living ‘life in all its fullness’, (John 10: 10) reflects the warm heart of this caring school."
  • “Respect and love permeate relationships at St Mary and St Margaret’s”
  • a culture of nurture and belonging where all are welcome and supported to thrive”
  • “The school environment is calm and purposeful, enabling all to enjoy their learning.”
  • “Collective worship is a special time where pupils and adults are nourished through God’s love for all.”
  • “Strong partnership with the local church enhances worship experiences for the school and church congregation”


About our children:

  • “Pupils are inspired to be the best person they can be and shine their light into the world.”
  • “Good manners and kindness to others shines through all ages and stages of pupils. Difference and diversity are seen as everyone being unique and loved by God.”
  • “pupils take action to address their concerns for God’s beautiful world… Pupils believe they can make a difference in the world and are not afraid to take constructive action.”
  • “All pupils have a voice and are encouraged to form their own thoughts and to respect the opinions of others.”
  • “all pupils are able to focus on their learning”
  • “Worship leaders are held in high esteem across the school. They contribute to the spiritual experience of worship by fulfilling their role with total commitment and reverence.”
  • “pupils are well prepared for responsibilities and experiences of life in modern Britain”
  • “pupils develop respect for differing beliefs both within and beyond their local community”


About our staff:

  • “adults go above and beyond to ensure pupils are happy and able to be their best self. Dedicated staff are supported by leaders and each other to grow and shine.”
  • “Pupils are well supported when they find learning tricky and know that resilience and perseverance are key to overcoming challenges. They feel safe at school and know that adults care for them should they need help.”
  • “Pupils with SEND are given the emotional, learning or spiritual support they need to flourish in school.”
  • “Committed and creative leadership of RE has resulted in an effective and relevant curriculum”


About our curriculum:

  • “the carefully created curriculum is broad and rich in experiences”
  • “Opportunities to learn beyond the national curriculum complement pupils academic learning, enabling pupils to shine in their own unique way.”
  • “RE is prioritised within the timetable and is taught by skilled and knowledgeable teachers. Lessons provide a wealth of opportunities for pupils to reflect on their own ideas about meaning, purpose and belief.”


Summary of School Strengths:

  • Through the school’s deeply embedded Christian vision, leaders have created a culture of respect and belonging. Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are provided with the support and love they need to thrive. As a result, wellbeing is enhanced, enabling all to live life in all its fullness.
  • The rich and broad curriculum meets the needs of learners, enabling pupils to let their light shine in their own unique way. Opportunities for spiritual development are abundant throughout the curriculum.
  • Worship is a treasured time for pupils and adults to share spiritual uplift, prayer and joy. Pupils and adults of all faiths and none are present with integrity and reflect in their own way on teachings from the Bible.
  • Pupils respond to ethical issues with a sense of responsibility. They act on issues of injustice with compassion and concern, believing in themselves to make a difference in their local community and beyond.
  • The well structured religious education (RE) curriculum is led with passion and creativity. As a result, pupils experience relevant and exciting lessons that build on conceptual knowledge over time.


Well done and thank you to parents, staff, governors, worship leaders and all of our fabulous children for working so hard to be the best they can be.